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Data Stream Maintenance Portal

Since 2005, Energie Design is deeply involve in website content management. The developed tool DSMP (Data Stream Maintenance Portal) has been implemented in few countries and used by many enterprise. to better manage their website as well as their inventory.

The concept behind the DSMP is actualy very simple. We created tools that enable you to do what your are better at: explaining to your audience what you are doing.

The set of module that DSMP offers let you build your site at your speed for your needs.

DSMP by Energie Design

List of modules but not restricted and could be expended as needed:

  • Admin
    • Dictionary for keywords
    • Search criteria
    • Export
    • Imports
    • Views template
  • CRM
    • Contacts
    • Members
      • including internal messenger
    • Companies
    • Users (ACL)
  • Content Management
    • Web Page
    • Breaking News
    • FAQs
    • Quote of the day
    • Mailing Campaign
      • Distribution list
    • Forum
    • Blog
    • Comments
    • Guestbook
    • Tickers
    • Banner Ad
    • Links
    • Job (posting - CV)
    • Document Library
    • Survey
    • Inventory for e-Commerce
    • etc.

Some of the web site running DSMP:

  • Agence Aloa
  • Aloa Navigation
  • Bureau Moderne
  • Carpediem
  • Seignourel
  • A3M
  • ATP Location
  • Le Cercel de l'Irrigation
  • CNM47
  • Convertible Communication Inc.
  • CSA - Construction Structure Aéronautique
  • OPLA - Kevin Flynn
  • Mois des Noirs
  • Roches et Déco
  • Transition
  • and much more...