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Those days, everything is about "WEB". Web site, Web Enabled, Web App, Web Services, Web 2, Web 3, HTML5, etc., etc. Energie Design recognizes that needs and have been working in the internet  since day one. Years ago, we did start to create web site for our customer who need a presence on the web. Their needs evolved over the years, from a basic presence, to a catalogue, to e-Commerce, to B2B, to C2B, Social networking, etc. Energie Design always used the latest technology to make sure we can give you the best and more suitable service you deserve.

In conjunction with our development team and graphic designers we could offer great solution for affordable price in leading your project and presence on the web. Also to be present on the web, we offer some basic hosting plan.


For the DSMP (Data Stream Maintenance Portal) hosting solution plan, we created a different package which includes the license of your DSMP as well as the setup fee and supports.

DSMP Platinium Package:

  • Web Site hosting
  • Intranet hosting
  • ftp hosting
  • 10 emails account (500MB total)
  • Dedicated DSMP SQL Database
  • Mailing Campaign Standard (250 pushed emails/day)
  • 8 hours supports (extra hours are 125$)

The monthly fee is only 34.99$ and could be paid in advance for a full year to benefit from a 10% discount.

Contact us now to set your account for DSMP hosting.